2021, Vol.50, No.3


We report that mixed-halogen anti-perovskite-type Li2OHBr1−xXx (X = Cl, I and x = 0–1) materials are prepared by room temperature ball-milling process, and investigate how the halogen mixing affects the total Li+ conductivity. Both solid solution ranges and lattice constants depend on the species of X. Among them, though X = I compounds form solid solution in narrow range of x smaller than 0.15, Li2OHBr0.9I0.1 shows the largest lattice constant and the highest total ionic conductivity at 25 °C (σ25) of 4.9 × 10−6 S cm−1, which is ca. 4 times higher value than that of pristine Li2OHBr. Increasing the lattice constant will be one of the factors to improve total ionic conductivity of the Li2OHBr1−xXx.